Generally students are eligible for school transportation if they live more than TWO miles from their school. Exceptions are made when there is not a safe walking path to their school.

Following are our current school bus routes:

Middle School and Dallas Center Elementary Routes
Grimes area bus routes for students attending the Middle School and Dallas Center Elementary.


Meadows & High School
Dallas Center & Grimes area bus routes for students attending the Meadows or High School.


North Ridge Elementary School Bus Routes
Grimes area bus routes for students attending the Northridge Elementary.  South Prairie students eligible for transportation are also included in the schedule.


School to School Shuttle Schedule
DCG offers shuttle service between school buildings for open-enrolled students and as a convenience for families with students at multiple buildings.


Rural & Special Routes:
Call the transporation office for specific questions about about our country and special school bus routes.

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Students & Parents are encouraged to provide feed back about how DCG school transportation. Praise your school bus driver; report an ongoing concern on the bus.

Student Feedback:  Student Feedback.jpg  

Coordinating Instructions:

  • Bus schedules may change.  Check this site a couple days before the start of school to get the most up to date schedules.
  • All routes listed run Monday through Friday.All routes published are morning regular education routes.  For special routes, please call the transportation office for current information.
  • School bus numbers and bus drivers are subject to change.
  • Unused bus stops are canceled after 6 days of no students. Parents need to call to resume service.
  • Route times and buses often change during the school year. If your student does not ride on a regular basis, please call the Transportation Office for current information.
  • Students should be at their assigned bus stop, ready to board the bus 5 minutes before the schedule stop time.  Buses cannot wait for tardy students.
  • Most bus routes are at or near capacity so "bus passes" are only approved when space is available.  
  • Parent cooperation is required to make sure students ride the buses to which they are assigned.
  • Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation!

Our Bus Drivers

Jeff Wolfe, Transportation Director
Transportation Office - 255 SW Jazzwood Drive - Grimes
Office:  (515) 986-5173   Cell:  (515) 681-6462