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rsts.jpgSchool buses across the country transport millions of kids every year and are without question the safest way to get kids to and from school. We transport over 1500 students per day at DC-G and our number one priority is “SAFETY”. Transporting students to and from school requires a team effort to be successful. Parents, students, and the school staff all need to work together to provide the safest transportation possible.

Parents Responsibilities:
1.          Ensure your student arrives at thier bus stop safely and on time.
3.          During days of extreme weather, ensure your student boards the bus safely.
3.          Make suggestions for improvement of school transportation to the transportation director.
4.          Review the Bus Rules and Disciplinary Policy with your child.

Bus Driver and School Responsibilities:
1.          Ensure the school bus is safe to transport students.
2.          Ensure buses run on time.
3.          Ensure there is room on each bus to transport students safely.
4.          Ensure all students are safely transported to and from school.

Student’s Responsibilities:
1.          Arrive at the bus STOP on time.
2.          Follow ALL of the bus safety rules.
3.          Report violations of the Bus Rules to the bus driver immediately.
School Bus Rules
1. Follow the instructions of the bus driver.
2. While waiting for the bus, stand in an orderly fashion. Do not approach a bus until the driver gives a signal to load.
3. Do not push or shove when loading the bus.
4. After entering the bus, go directly to a seat and sit down.
5. Books and other property must be properly stowed out of the aisle.
6. Talk quietly with those around you using inside voices; loud or vulgar language is prohibited.
7.  Remain seated; facing forward while bus is in motion.
8.  Windows are to be opened only with the permission of the driver.
9.  Do not extend hands, arms or head through the windows.
10. Stop all conversations when stopped at a railroad crossing.
11. Always be courteous to the driver and to fellow students (keeping hands to yourself).
12. Keep the bus clean.
13. No glass containers are allowed on the bus.
14. No aerosol or non-aerosol pump sprays are permitted to be used on the bus. This includes perfume, cologne hairspray, deodorant and also fingernail polish.
15. Pupils must keep sharp objects and feet off the seat. Any damages will be charged to the student/students.
16. Do not throw objects on the bus.
17. No cleats/spikes, for any sport, shall be worn on the bus. This includes football, baseball, softball, soccer, and track.
18. Report problems or concerns to the bus driver immediately. Never be afraid to talk to your bus driver.
School Bus Discipline Policy
Understand that students riding on school buses must obey all regulations governing their riding a school bus or the student may forfeit the right to ride the bus.
The following procedures will be used in maintaining student discipline on the school buses:
1.  The bus driver will tell students when they are not following the rules. Parents will be notified when appropriate.
2.  The driver or the principal may assign seats to students.
3.   Students continually or seriously violating the rules are to be reported to the principal by the driver and a written Bus Conduct Form will be completed.
4.   Based on the seriousness of the violation and the student’s disciplinary history, the principal will determine if riding privileges will be revoked.
5. The following are grounds for immediate revocation of bus privileges:
a. Assaults against other riders or the driver.
b. Verbal attacks or threats to the bus driver.
c.  Intentional damage to the school bus.
6. In general, the following consequences will apply:
a. First Bus Conduct Report: The student may be placed on probation and/or denied riding privileges. A copy will be sent home to parents.
b. Second Bus Conduct Report: The student may lose the privilege of riding the bus for up to five attended school days. A copy will be sent home to parents.
c. Third Bus Conduct Report: The student may lose the privilege of riding the bus for up to 45 attended school days. The parents will be notified that a forth Bus Conduct Report may result in the loss of the privilege of using the bus for the remainder of the school year.
d. Fourth Bus Conduct Report: The student may lose the privilege of riding the bus for the remainder of the year. The parents will be responsible for transporting the student to/from school.
7. Reinstatement of bus riding privileges will usually come only after a conference with the students, parents, bus driver, and the principal.
8. The loss of riding privileges may be appealed to the Superintendent or Board of Education.