SchoolMessenger Notification

Dallas Center-Grimes will use SchoolMessenger Notification System to provide communication to parents and staff members on matters such as weather delays, cancellations, general interest information and building and district emergencies.

SchoolMessenger allows families the ability to add additional phone numbers and email accounts beyond what is in Infinite Campus using Contact Manager. Contact Manager provides the ability to opt in or out of receiving messages via text messaging (sometimes referred to by SchoolMessenger as SMS). During times when weather might be a factor in school cancellations or delays or during a specific sports/activity season, you can customize, edit, and add contact information without contacting the school. It also works like a mailbox, giving you a place to review messages you may have missed.

To do this, families can elect to use SchoolMessenger Contact Manager.  The district requests you create your own contact preferences profile using SchoolMessenger’s Contact Manager web site. Registering with School Messenger Contact Manager allows you to control the ways in which you prefer to be contacted.  This will allow you to edit phone and email contacts when it is convenient for you. If you have a new cell phone or disconnected your landline or changed work email addresses, you can login to School Messenger Contact Manager to make those changes.

*It is important to note that you are not required to register with Contact Manager. Whether you sign up with the Contact Manager or not, you will continue to receive school notifications.

*However, to change any contact information found in Infinite Campus, we ask that you continue to contact building personnel to advise them of changes in any home or work contact information. It is important that Infinite Campus remain the main location of work and home phone and email contacts for students.

To use this feature follow the LINK below to create an account through the secure Contact Manager web site provided by SchoolMessenger.

To register with Contact Manager you will need the following:
1. Internet Access
2. Your Student's ID number (usually begins with year of graduation followed by three numbers, for example, 14123. The student ID number is available at parent portal, is listed on report cards, and is the PIN number used to purchase meals in the lunch line.
3. To activate the account, you call from a phone that is already listed in Infinite Campus such as a cell phone or home phone.

To download a PDF of these directions, use this link DCG Parent Phone_Activation.pdf

Important Information about Caller ID