NEW HOUSEHOLD Information Displayed in Campus Parent Portal
In an effort to have the most correct information possible in Infinite Campus, we have added information in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. See below examples of information which can now be viewed when logged into Parent Portal.

Added information now available will include;
Student Data (Demographics including Race/Ethnicity) and any Non-Household Contact information.

Household Data which will display Household Phone Number and Household Addresses.

Family Data will will list Household Members Contact Information.

If there is incorrect information, contact a building secretary.
Household Information...See image below
Household information will list phone number listed in Campus for the Household. In the example below, no number is listed. Generally this is the home phone number. Some people have removed their land line and this space may be empty or it may contain the cell phone number given to the office as the primary home phone number.

Also viewable in this area will be the Primary and Secondary address, and next to Mailing, Yes if this is the address where any mailed information will go to and a secondary address. One address will be the Mailing address, the other will be a Physical address of where the student lives. If a PO Box is used for Mailings, the Physical address Mailing line may say No.
Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 10.43.17 AM.png
Family Information...See image below
Now viewable will be a listing of Family Members assigned to the household in Campus. Included with each listing will be any phone numbers and primary and secondary email addresses for each member. Usually phones and email contact information is listed for parents and guardians only.

Each family member will have a separate listing under the Family Members heading.